Residence Puglia

The Residences in Puglia are an ideal alternative for those who need a clean and completely autonomous environment in which to spend the most significant holiday moments in the beautiful region of sun and sea. Designed for families as well as groups of friends and for longer stays in Puglia, this accommodation facility consists of a series of houses that benefit from a complete hotel-style treatment, with services in the package offer that include daily room arrangement, staff available at reception, a play area, sports equipment, and a swimming pool, in addition to public green spaces. The welcome is at home, thanks to the attention to style details that add value to their holiday, from the care of the interior decor to the aesthetic enhancement of the external location, usually situated in beautiful places near the sea and inland. Suitable for both summer and winter stays, the residence is, therefore, able to foster serenity and well-being even on a “domestic” level, with the possibility to customize additional services and the entire holiday.

The apartments in the residence are spacious and comfortable, with more freedom of movement than the size of a simple room. One of the most popular aspects of holidaying in a residence is the lack of any time obligations, for example, for meal times, as the facilities are already equipped with a kitchenette and the possibility to independently meet their daily needs. In this way, guests have the chance of meal preparation while staying “in swimwear”, without the need to be presentable and while maintaining their own preferences in terms of cooking and food types. This also impacts expenses, as “eating at home” is a way to save on the total costs of the holiday, especially when are family holiday and the restaurant bill can be burdensome for many. In practice, the residence offers a hybrid but complete holiday model, combining the positive aspects of vacationing in an independent apartment and those of a prestigious hotel, with comfortable and quality hospitality services.

Within the framework of breathtaking Apulian landscapes, the residences have offered and will continue to offer the chance to enjoy a full-fledged holiday at competitive prices, whether amidst the spectacular rural scenery of unspoiled nature or near the sea, and this is why these facilities are still so loved and sought after throughout the year.

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