Hotel Vacanza Pescoluse

Hotel vacanza Pescoluse

Holiday hotels in Pescoluse are available to the renowned tourist tradition of Salento to encourage very pleasant holiday moments for themselves and loved ones. Marina di Pescoluse is a small town on the southern Ionian Sea, captivating a large number of visitors, like other nearby seaside towns, well-known on the international tourism front, such as Torre Vado, Lido Marini and Torre Pali.

The hotels have become an important point of reference in the hospitality system aimed at the seaside holiday sector, on a stretch of the Ionian coast of Salento. Charming coastal towns like Pescoluse boast, in fact, the artistic beauty and allure of a wonderful beach, rich in free access points and equipped facilities, a transparent sea with shallow water and a fascinating rocky landscape in the surrounding area.

Lovers of “beach life” choose to stay in holiday hotels in Pescoluse in many, as staying surrounded by unspoiled nature with a sea view offers the chance to enjoy healthy relaxation, in a serene and professional environment, as is the logic of these hospitality structures that have been engaged in the tourism sector for years.

The atmosphere in Pescoluse is peaceful but full of stimuli and places for fun, with opportunities to listen to music on the beach, and attend entertainment and animation shows. The hotels manage to allow precious freedom of movement, with an efficient structure, capable of responding to a really important influx of visitors.

Those who wish to spend a vacation in full regime, free from any commitment, can book their stay with full board, which includes personal services and catering in the requested package offer. These offers are generally very convenient, without sacrificing any comfort, privacy, and daily cleaning by qualified and professional staff:  your stay in Pescoluse in Salento becomes an opportunity for very pleasant disengagement and pure relaxation.

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